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Course Two:
Business Presentations

Embark on a transformative journey with our Business Presentations course (BBS2), a dynamic and interactive program spanning 12 classes. Guided by our experienced coaches and teachers, you'll not only enhance your presentation skills but also conquer the fear of public speaking.

The course emphasizes the importance of proper preparation and practice before delivering a presentation, ensuring you gain confidence and competence in every aspect of your delivery.

Class Breakdown:

  • Three Ss Technique for Efficient Presentations

  • Dealing with Questions and Interruptions

  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Methods and Techniques for Efficient Presentation Delivery

  • Importance and Elements of Knowing Your Audience (KYA)

  • Essential Skills for Joint Presentations

  • Guidelines for Slides in Presentations

  • Different Presentation Styles

  • Utilizing Voice and Visuals Effectively

  • Basic Elements of Efficient Project Report Presentations

  • Practice Session: Applying Techniques in Simulated Scenarios

  • Final Project: Student 30-minute Presentation, Course Reflection, and Coaching Session

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