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Shaking Hands

Course Four:
Business Negotiations

Step into the strategic realm of business negotiations with our Business Negotiations course (BBS4), a dynamic and immersive program spanning 12 classes.

Guided by our experienced coaches and teachers, this course is strategically designed to follow the successful completion of the BBS3 - Business Meetings course, ensuring students have a solid foundation before delving into the intricacies of negotiations.

Class Breakdown:

  • Exploring International Negotiations

  • Identifying and Navigating Various Negotiation Areas

  • Understanding the Five Stages of a Negotiation

  • Mastering Useful Phrases for Negotiating and Roleplays

  • Developing Your Negotiation Style

  • Enhancing Business Writing Skills for Negotiations

  • Proposing and Bargaining Strategies

  • Closing the Negotiation: Reaching a Mutually Beneficial Agreement

  • Effectively Handling Last-Minute Problems in Negotiations

  • Vocabulary, Phrases, and Abbreviations in Negotiations

  • Practical Application: Simulated Negotiation Scenarios and Roleplays

  • Course Reflection: Lessons Learned and Future Application

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