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Speaking at Conference

Course One:
Business Networking

Join our Business Networking course (BBS1), a dynamic journey that equips you with the essential skills to navigate the intricacies of professional interactions.

Over the span of 12 classes, you'll delve into a comprehensive curriculum, refining your ability to make impactful personal and company introductions, discuss organizational structures, articulate business projects, and master the fundamentals of SWOT analysis.

Class Breakdown:

  • Introduction to Business Networking

  • Crafting Engaging Personal Introductions

  • Navigating Company Organizational Charts

  • Articulating Business Projects Effectively

  • SWOT Analysis Fundamentals

  • Mastering Active Listening Skills

  • Enhancing Business Writing Efficiency

  • The Art and Principles of Small Talk

  • Cultural Sensitivity in Business Communication

  • Vocabulary and Phrases in Business Communication

  • Course Recap and Practical Application

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