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Athena Business English Academy

About Us

Meet Tatjana (Tanja) Paar – the driving force behind Athena Business English Academy and a TEFL-certified English teacher with a wealth of experience spanning diverse international landscapes.

With a Master's degree in Telecommunication and Information Technology, Tanja has honed her skills further with certifications as a Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master. Her journey spans 30 years, weaving through diverse landscapes in Croatia, the USA, the UAE, and Spain. In the realm of Information Technology and Project Management, she boasts over two decades of hands-on experience, with significant contributions to the Payment Card Industry through roles at Erste Bank and EGCP - Erste Group Card Processor.

Tanja's global perspective extends to participation in numerous international banking and certification projects. Beyond the corporate realm, her passion for teaching shines through with more than eight years dedicated to shaping language skills in the classrooms of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Spain.

In adapting to the digital age, she brings more than two years of expertise in teaching Business English via online classes, embodying the evolving landscape of education. Tanja's teaching philosophy is rooted in real-world experience, offering a dynamic and practical approach to mastering Business English that sets Athena Business English Academy apart.

Tanja Paar
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